Mr & Miss International (MMI)

SL Model

So I decided to take the plunge and broaden my horizons by entering a contest, I will share the journey here and see where it ends! MMI is a contest where the model promotes herself through her own capabilities and styling, I am feeling excited!

To enter the contest we had to send in two photos of oneself a head shot and a body shot, I could of done a lot better with these pics but as I was on the last few days of the dead line to send them in I admit I rushed and hoped for the best.

Oh Lord.. Look at the hair .. lol it looks like my wig is falling off! This is not good and why did I not even check before submitting 😦

1st Challenge – Who wore it best:

First challenge we were given a base outfit and had to style around it. The outfit consisted of pants and 3 snowmen and we could change any of the textures in our styling, again we had to submit a body shot and a head shot..ok so how hard can this be.. hmm well for starters I have no idea on taking texture from 1 item and placing onto another but was able to at least change the colour of the pants.. we also had to incorporate 1 of the snowmen into our styling..

So ok.. 1st big mistake here..this is not a head shot! where was my mind ..I know what a head shot is grrrr 😦

Ok, well I played around with wind light but dam.. whats going on with my white top as its no longer white and why did I submit this pic looking like this 😦 my snowman isn’t even on the ground.. sigh I can do better so why am I not..hmm I am better than this and need to challenge myself more and use what I have already learned at AMA..

Second Challenge – Pose Off!

This was a fun challenge where we could use either static or animation poses to fit the theme of a battle in a boxing ring, we were scored on our 1st 3 poses, our descriptions and our outfits! After the initial 3 poses we then went head to head with an aponent and battled it out through poses, until the last man was standing.. he/she was then the winner.
I thought long and hard about this challenge trying to come up with the best superhero/ character I could think of in order to kick ass, I ended up thinking totally out of the box and it paid off in my scores..

The inspiration behind my styling comes from the everyday battles that many people endure these people are not fictional superhero charachters but real people facing real battles with Breast Cancer, my styling today promotes Breast Cancer Awareness.

1-My shaved pink hair and Fedora hat were purposely chosen to signify a certain statement, the statement is “Don’t judge a book by its cover unless you know it’s true story” (Hair is S.E Ruth Shaved Hair Base and Hat is CC Stingy Brim Fedora by Couture Chapeau)

2-I chose my tank top because it displays the words Fight like a Girl and a pink ribbon in aid of Breast Cancer and is by “TwisteD KnickerZ Creations

3- My underwear is from Asteria and chosen because if a girl is gonna fight then they really should wear big comfortable panties that cover all!

4-My Boots I Love not just because they are Pink but they remind me of Gladiator boots and as I am going to battle then they fit the theme nicely, these are the wild lara boots from United Colors.

5-Pink Bento gloves from Masoom very feminine and allow easy movement of the fingers and great for clutching any hand help weapon such as my knife from Mary Janes stash box in the MP

6-A handy lace garter very feminine and comes with a Hud so you can change the lace to any color I chose this because it comes complete with guns and I think it looks super sexy

7- A simple but expensive pair of Chop Zuey Diamond earrings called Rock n Ice and, I may be going to battle but Diamonds are a girls best friend.

8-Last but not least I am wearing a body Tattoo from Zibska chosen because it covers me in mathamatical equations and I feel that it signifys the complexity of Cancer when used in my styling. Research has shown that many Health care proffessionals use maths as a teaching tool to demonstrate the result of alterations in cancer cells.. this tat says it all!

In my over all styling I have tried to portray femininity strength and a willingness to fight fight fight.



Third Challenge – Hero’s & Villains

For this challenge we worked in pairs and had the choice of styling either a hero or a villain.. In this senario I was the Hero, we decided to choose the two witches from the wizard of oz movie, the good witch Glinda and the wicked witch of the west.. Due to different time zones my partner and I had difficulty in coming together at the same time in order to put our theme together but we eventually succeeded and credit goes to my partner in crime LeAnn because she really worked hard to pull it all off ..