Credits: Virtue

Imela is available to you now in 8 beautiful textures.
It is a two piece outfit of a beautiful fitted sleevless Top
with an eye catching neckline. The inner skirt is fitted straight
and falls around the calf then has this gorgeous outer skirt
pulled in at the waist with a beautiful large bow that lies
gracefully against the hip then the rest of the skirt
cascades down the back and sides glamourously hitting
the floor giving it that wow factor. This outfit can easily be
mixed and matched with any of the other colors in the set
or other items in your closet making it a versitile must have.
This stunning outfit is perfect for any occasion and
can be dressed up or down, the top is perfect for the daytime then
just add the skirt in the evening and you are ready to go.
This really is a stunning outfit and is availible in all popular sizes.

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