Destiny Outfit
Credits:Anastasia Designs

How fabulous is this two piece Black tailored Suit by Anastasia Designs. The cute fitted
jacket stops just above the navel and fastens with two small buckled straps showing
a cheeky bit of bare skin just above the waist, it has three quarter length sleeves
and portrays a beautiful scroll texture highlighted against the fabric. It is finshed
off with a trimming of polka dot fur around the cuffs and also along the front opening
of the jacket going up to the neckline and fanning out into a beautiful fur collar.
The pencil style skirt is figure hugging and skims the hips accentuating your curves beautifully
before fallind midway around the calf area allowing for that sexy sensual wiggle walk.
The skirt is also trimmed with fur around the waist and around the calf, you also get a second skirt
with this outfit which is more loose fitting and has an asymetrical hem, the second skirt
has a front panel of fur running from the waist down to the ankle. I am totally in love with this
creation as I am sure you will be too, so hurry along now to Anastasia Designs and get yours now!

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